Daniëlle Bleize

In an increasingly mediated communication environment, we observe more and more instances of cyber aggression and other types of disinhibited behavior among young adolescents. Group processes seem to play a prominent role here. I find it important to examine these processes, as this may enable us to mitigate future disinhibited online behavior.

Daniëlle Bleize is a PhD Student at the Behavioural Science Institute at Radboud University. Her research interests are broadly situated around social identity and social identification processes, the use of contemporary media technologies and their relation to group norms and behavior.

In her PhD project, she focuses on the relation between social identification in mediated groups and conformity to group norms and behavior. Currently, she conducts survey and experimental research with young adolescents (age 12-15) at high schools, concentrating on the relation between social identification with groups on messaging apps and cyber aggression.


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