Reclame Masters

Reclame Masters is a Dutch advertising empowerment intervention program aimed at stimulating 8- to 12-year old children’s advertising coping behavior in the current media landscape. The intervention is based on the research project Empowering children to deal with advertising [link naar projectpagina] conducted by Esther Rozendaal. It is developed with support from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientfic Research (NWO).

Reclame Masters is fundamentally different from other existing advertising interventions in that it is designed to not only increase children’s advertising knowledge, but also to actually change the way they respond to advertising by increasing their motivation and ability to cope with advertising. To this end, the intervention uses a combination of theory-based behavior change techniques (self-persuasion, emotion labeling, and implementation-intentions) from the field of persuasive communication, and social and developmental psychology, which are translated into practical intervention materials.

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