The World of the Veggiefruities

The World of the Veggiefruities is a Dutch health intervention program stimulating young children to taste and eat more fruit and vegetables. The intervention is based on a 4-year research project conducted at the University of Amsterdam and Radboud University Nijmegen. It is developed with support from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientfic Research (NWO).

“The World of the Veggiefruities” makes fruit and vegetable consumption for children younger than 7 more appealing through storytelling methodologies. The Veggiefruities, a group of animated animal characters who love to eat fruit and vegetables, come to life in stories via a multimedia environment (eBooks, interactive website, and hand puppets).

The classroom intervention was launched in the Spring of 2014. Four of the stories can be read to preschoolers in class through Storycard Theater books that were developed in collaboration with the city of Rotterdam. For the home environment, parents and caretakers can download the four stories as eBooks from the program's website. 

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